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About Afro World

Founded in 1970, by Russ Little, Sr., Afro World became a leading supplier of 100% human hair for beauticians around the country. We still offer some of the finest, pre-colored, Remy-like, textured hair for weaving, braid bonding, wigs, and toupees. Now, in its second generation, Afro World is run by Sheila Little-Forrest, M.B.A., his daughter. Our mission has always been to meet the needs of our community while providing them with the quality products and service they deserve. And for the past fifty years, because of your tremendous support, that's what we have done. We were innovators as the original suppliers of Afro Kinky Hair Texture for Black Hair, and we specialized in making lock extension, men's Afro wigs and toupees.

The tradition of support continues. As the COVID-19 Pandemic, positioned itself to decimate our community. In March 2020, Afro World launched, #maskupwithafroworld and introduced the African Wax Print Cloth Mask. We didn't know much about masks but knew that it was imperative that we research and learn so we can again become a provider of solutions for our community. We now offer one of the largest selections of high-quality Black Lives Matter Gear including, T-Shirts, Masks, Face Shields, Ball Caps, Flags, and Yard Signs. Like we say, A "Little" of Everything for you.

Sheila Little-Forrest has an unquenchable passion for her community, and continuing the family business through this pandemic has been her greatest challenge. "My community is important to me, and so is my family. It's important that the decisions I make reflect my love for both." Afro World is grateful for all the support from customers around the world, especially during these challenging times. Together we will get through this. Together we will continue to seek change through being "Good Trouble," honoring the legacy of Congressman John Lewis.

Working with the Community

Little-Forrest is committed to increasing community awareness in the St.Louis, Missouri, area by hosting numerous programs for African-Americans. Afro World stages book signings, workshops and seminars, in-store fashion shows, and concerts.

Little-Forrest and Afro World have also donated to some very worthwhile charities over the years. They have given financial support to more than 30 families who are dealing with the impact of HIV/AIDs. Politically, we have been active in voter registration, and we have raised thousands of dollars for the successful presidential campaigns of Barak Obama. Currently, we serve as the Normandy site for events and political engagements.

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