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About Afro World

In 1969, Russie B. Little Sr. started Afro World Hair and Fashion Company because he was facing a difficult issue. He was losing his hair.

To remedy his problem, he launched a mail order company distributing 100% human hair for weaving, braid bonding, wigs, and toupees. We were the original makers of Afro Kinky hair for people of color, and we specialized in making lock extension, men's Afro wigs and toupees, and high-quality hairpieces for African-Americans.

More than forty years later, Afro World is run by Little's daughter, Sheila Little-Forrest, who is the president of the company. Over the years, the company has grown to become synonymous with Afrocentric clothing and unique collectibles. Our patrons shop here with pride.

Sheila has a thirst for continuing the family-owned-and-operated business and taking it to the next level. In her words, "Out of a personal need, my dad created a business out of passion. Giving up his job in corporate America as an engineer to start Afro World, was one of the best decisions he ever made. He is able to leave a legacy for his children."

We serve a distinctive niche by showcasing the work of African-American designers and artists, as well as the work of crafters who create unique commemorative and collectible items.

Working with the Community

Little-Forrest is committed to increasing community awareness in the St.Louis, Missouri, area by hosting numerous programs for African-Americans. Afro World stages book signings, workshops and seminars, in-store fashion shows, and concerts.

Little-Forrest and Afro World have also donated to some very worthwhile charities over the years. They have given financial support to more than 30 families who are dealing with the impact of HIV/AIDs. Politically, we have been active in voter registration, and we have raised thousands of dollars for the successful presidential campaigns of Barak Obama. Currently we serve as the Normandy site for events and political engagements.

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